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om sweet om
High Vibrations
Peace On Earth
Hope is a Thing
Passionate Voice
Rough and Steep
Fair Skye
Healing Light
Gateway To The Heart

sheet music

Both paper and digital versions are $5.95

Sheet Music Cover

You can now purchase sheet music for the song Take Me Home from Trueblood, written by Nathan Barr and Lisbeth Scott.


Digital *

Sheet Music Cover

You can now purchase sheet music for the song Hope Is A Thing, written by Lisbeth Scott.


Digital *

* Digital copies are delivered via e-mail within 24 to 48 hours.

niff's merchandise

Hi everyone....

Niff I've been spending a lot of time thinking lately, curled up in my favorite white bed.

I've realized that I need to do my part to inspire peace in the world. being cute is not enough....although I do make people smile all the time....but still I must do more.


So I have decided to design some lovely t-shirts that promote all the good things that we are all capable of...peace, love, unity....
My line is called Niffiebear wear and is available right here on this site that I share with my Mom.
Enjoy and spread the word! Peace is in the air....and on your body!

Love and Sniffs,


Niffiebear Wear Peace T-shirt
Fits beautifully
100% cotton crew neck women's t-shirt - $24.95


50% of all proceeds go to animal acres farmed animal rescue in California.

autographed picture


Many of you have asked for autographed photographs. I happily make them available here, for a small cost to cover my expenses.