"absolutely ravishing"
John Williams

"beautiful performance"
Yo Yo Ma

"Arguably Scott gives to this work a sensitive and soft touch that makes it sound even better."

"An exclusive interview with Lisbeth Scott and Nathan Barr."

"Special announcement of True Blood's Original Score Release featuring Lisbeth Scott"

"Take Me Home" [is] a beautiful song...I've already added to my mp3 player."

"one of the busiest vocalist in Hollywood."

"She’s a singularly gifted lyricist whose imagery connects because she avoids cliches and uses vivid metaphors to describe the highs and lows of romantic love."

"Rich full music with lyrics to match."

"One of the most sought after singers in the film world"


“… terrific!”
Los Angeles Times

“Lisbeth Scott hits the mark…”
Music Connection

“Combining the poetic lyrics and honesty of folk, the vibrant complexities of world music, and the radio friendly melodies of pop music, Lisbeth may just have created a sound that is worth all of it’s weight in gold.”
Michael Allison,

“…dreamy, sensuous…”
All Music Guide, Jonathan Widran

“…Lisbeth Scott’s extraordinary voice (has) a pop sensibility and depth”

“..Lisbeth Scott brings an extraordinary depth of feeling to….’Amazing Grace’”
Barnes & Noble Review

“…the sublime vocal performances of Lisbeth Scott throughout the score (of The Passion of the Christ) add a haunting, humanizing touch…”
Movie Music U.K. Jonathan Broxton

“…emotional and plaintive music.”
Los Angeles Times

“…intricate and full-bodied vocals”
Los Angeles Daily News

“ (Dove) is a hit…”
The Village Voice 10/02

“This album is a standout! Scott’s voice - penetrating and strong to fragile and poignant- rivets.”
New Age Voice 9/02

“The utterly lovely title track (of Dove) is so pretty it hurts soul-deep…….(Scott’s music is) capable of coloring your listening space with supernaturally sweet softness.” 11/02 David Opdyke

“(Dove contains)…tune(s) that could make Charles Bronson cry.”
The Ventura County Reporter 1/03 Solomon Bass

Beautiful, passionate, and supernatural in its effect on the soul, (Dove) will transform the space around you, quiet your mind, and leave the imprint of a feather on your heart. 4/15/03 Jennifer Layton

“..unique, alluring…lyrically poetic, honest and vibrant…..” 11/02 Michael Allison

“Scott’s distinctive voice, magical compositions, and highly original style are sure to make her a favorite of New Age fans everywhere. Her lyrics are deeply personal, gutsy, and real.”
Aquarius Metaphysical Newspaper 10/02

“…crystalline, lush, evocative, soaring!….Dove is an album of tremendous vocal enthusiasm and stunning production quality.” 10/02

“…angelic and ethereal….an otherworldly sounds that quiets the heart.”
Dallas Morning News

“…shiver inducing vocals….”
Group Magazine

“Anything with Lisbeth Scott’s name on it has to be worth it. She is amazing.”
LA Yoga

“Lisbeth Scott’s singing is like the structure of a diamond, pure, crystalline and reflective. Scott’s music…moves you emotionally as well as spiritually.”
New Age Reporter