Happy 2010!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

It feels great already. May good things come to us all this year.
hmmm……reflecting on 2009…..on New Year’s Eve we did a sweet meditation in which we covered past, present and future.
It felt right to say thank you to the good things of 2009 …… released two new CDs!, sang on Avatar, Trueblood, Transformers and started scoring my very first feature film, traveled to Europe, sang and sang  and sang, got to work with some incredible musicians, had beautiful times with friends, have the most wonderful doggy on the planet (NIFF!) and adopted the most wonderful kitty (EMILY!), got to walk to the beach whenever I could, so many blissful yoga and dance classes (thank you Daniel, Jo, Julian, Michael, Anneli…) several friends bringing new healthy babies into the world (Elik, Damjan!!), lovers finding each other….some after circling around each other for years

and yes there were hard things too….good friends challenged with illness, others finding it’s time to move on from a relationship, dreams just an inch away and then gone, there are still wars  and racism and discrimination against women and challenges to all of our perceptions of what the world should be…and still , it’s  all perfect.
We are here and we have ourselves and our lives and each other.

and as we keep breathing through it all, the most miraculous things happen….the future unfolds before our eyes!   2010 will bring many miracles I know it.

One of the most powerful films we saw this year was Invictus. Mandela.  What a human being!  Paraphrasing……I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

What I am is enough! Just being born is reason enough to have the support and love of the universe. Right now is perfect. ok. now that we’ve established this, I’ll look into what I’d like the future to hold, and maybe it’ll happen or maybe something better is the plan.

I’ve been saying these things and more  every day.

So….thank you for all your support and inspiration and being here so bravely to weather the storm and the beauty of these times.

much love and music,