hi all!

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

well the new CD, Hope Is a Thing…is out!!!  Buy it on itunes ! Tell your friends! Tell the world!!   Our release concert here in Santa Monica was so wonderful….thank you all who came out to make both nights so special. And thank you to the wonderful musicians, Quinn, Tina Guo, Ian Walker, Christopher Bruce.  More to come! On this CD, there are many tunes from films I’ve worked on  as well as many original tunes and also several collaborations. It’ll lift you, open your heart, take you on a journey and drop you off safe and sound. I promise!

Check out the video to Good To Me on directed by Henning Winkleman and stay tuned for a new video for the song “Hope Is A Thing” directed by Joe Greco and shot by Academy Award winner Haskell Wexler.

It’s been a busy time and a happy time. We are collecting more and more photos on the website……please send yours in!!! I want to have 1000 pictures of hope by the end of November….just take a photo of  yourself holding a handmade sign that says what you hope for and send it to and we’ll upload it for you!  We want them from all over the world!!

Had a blast performing in New York at Joe Pantoliano’s No Kidding Me Too premiere. There are some photos on the site I think! We’ll be back in New York soon!!

Next Friday the 20th, we have our Northern California CD release at Rudramandir in Berkeley so come on out if you’re there!!! We’d love to see you.

As always, thank you for listening and may life be a beautiful thing for you now.

it is an amazing time to be alive, to feel the world vibrating so quickly, learning , shedding the old, embracing the new,healing……on we go….

So peace peace to you all,