Long Road Down

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Hi everyone!

Happy Fall!

I’m excited to present my new video to the song Long Road Down co-written with John Debney for the powerful Hatfields and McCoys series on the History Channel.

All the characters are me!  Yes even the hot guys with the beard! Special thanks to brilliant director Greg Crosby, awesome choreographer Andy Vaca, wonderful hair and makeup person Desiree Falcon, and the delightful costumer Kimberly Hughes.

Just had the honor of working with director Sylvie Rokab on her beautiful film Love Thy Nature, due out next year.

I just scored the trailer which is chock full of stunning imagery from around the world. The film speaks of the need for man to work together with nature to heal the planet. Just beautiful!

A few months back I had the pleasure of working with Austin Wintory singing on the score and end title song for the new SONY video game Journey.

A groundbreaking creation, Journey takes the spiritual look at man’s journey through life. The art direction is stunning and of course the score is gorgeous. Both the score and end title song which I sang have been submitted by SONY for Grammy consideration. Yay Austin! Yay us!!

Also, Matthias Weber and I just released the score we co-composed for the film Shouting Secrets by director Korinna Sehringer. It is an Eno-esque sonic world with Native American influences and of course lots of dreamy vocals! Availalbe on itunes, cdbaby, amazon etc.Watch the film in 2013.

Peace and love!