Hello all and welcome to Mid October!!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Just back from the east coast….whale watching and gorgeous scenery!

IN the studio pretty much constantly now…Om Sweet Om comes out November 22nd.. so excited…this music was written for Jo Tastula’s upcoming yoga DVD  ”High Vibrations” which comes out later this year as well….stunning..she’s  a Goddess!!The music features guests Tina Guo, Suzanne Teng, Nathan Barr, Greg Ellis, and Dan Lutz Scoring a beautiful film with composer Matthias Weber right now called Shouting Secrets… a moving story of an American Indian family…Also scored the feature film Caroline and Jackie which comes out next year and another film I scored, urFRENZ, is now available on itunes to rent… it’s a beautifully told story of cyberbullying ….Singing with the Golden State Pops Orchestra on October 29th this month…see show page for details… and a few big surprises percolating!….so stay tuned… foggy and cool in Venice….a good day to write music!
love and peace,