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Hi all and happy mid- summer !

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Listening to the crickets in Topanga and experiencing stereo dogs at the moment.

So much is happening….I’m co-composing with Nathan Barr, the music to a wonderful new children’s series called Tumbleaf. Amazon’s producing it and the super talented Bix Pix is creating.  It comes out in February of 2014 and is absolutely adorable! The two musicals (one in particular!) are going strong…I’m learning patience and the ropes of Broadway…a very different landscape than Los Angeles!! I”m excited to be working with film scoring agent Patty Macmillan of Allegro Talent Group.  Had fun recently working with talented composers Kim Planert and Devin Powers on two upcoming projects….and yes I am getting there with my new solo release. All tracks will be done by the end of this year and the release will be next year….I LOVE THE NEW STUFF!!! so fun…a bit more folky and foot tappy. (is that a word?)

Also sooo excited to be working with the wonderful folks at BMG publishing…wow…things are looking quite grand….

much love to you all and may your horizons continue to expand as well….

xo Lisbeth