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Greetings from hot and sweaty California!

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

I have been writing  many hours  a day lately…the doggies keep me company as the sweat trickles down my brow! So many things of beauty and pain in the world right now.
Losing the brilliant Tony Scott made many of our hearts heavy. Still sending him light and cherishing the times we worked together…he next to me in ball cap and shorts on the piano bench swaying to a song I’d written or just catching sight of his sparkley eyes and smile when I stopped by Harry’s studio…Every single breath is a precious gem so lately i’m been stopping to look around and appreciate what’s right in front me…instead of going on the “But” and “What if” journey!!!
I am busy creating the music to the production of Pope Joan which will be presented by Michael Butler, the original producer of Hair, in 2013. We are all excited! …I am thrilled to be presenting the story of a woman so ahead of her time and so full of spirit  and light….I am learning and learning every day!
And soon we will begin production on musical #2 which at the moment remains nameless but which
I will gladly share with you soon!!
It all makes sense to me..bringing together my love of lyric writing and story and music writing of course…
and not to forget singing!

I am also hard at work on my next album which will be released by Valley Entertainment and distributed by Sony in early 2013… The song Long Road Down (which I wrote with John Debney for the series Hatfield’s and McCoys, is already out and we’re finishing the video in the next few weeks..i get to play lots of instruments  and wear lots of disguises..
That’s the only clue you get right now!
Nathan Barr and I wrote a song for the upcoming film The Big Wedding which comes out in October of this year. The incredible Mark Campbell sang it in the movie and I’ll be releasing a version of my own too…

Have been enjoying the Festival successes of two films I recently scored, Caroline & Jackie, and Shouting Secrets. (this with the great Matthias Weber!)
I’ll keep you posted on those.
Also was honored to work as a composer with the great nature cinematographer Louis Shwartzberg on his short film ORIGINS which is on youtube at the moment….check it out to give your mind and heart a break …

much love to you all and may you stay cool and happy…