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Hi everybody!

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Happy almost fall…..
Hope the summer has been good to you…..
lots of news. A bunch of us got together and made a video for the song Take Me Home that Nate Barr and I wrote for Trueblood. The song is going to be on the soundtrack that comes out
on September 8th! We recorded a new version of the song which features the wonderful drumming of Quinn and a few new instruments! Keep your eyes open for the video around September 1st.
It’ll be on my site and Nate’s site and youtube and more…

There is finally an official Youtube channel for Lisbeth Scott! Yay!! Thank you Shawn! If you go to you’ll see the newest videos and tv and film clips etc.
There’s a cool new performance of Hope Is A Thing that I performed at UCLA recently with Quinn on drums and Kim Carroll on Ron roco.

I’m releasing my Christmas album on November 2nd as an enhanced CD with a beautiful video to the song Dona Nobis that Director Sam Balcomb shot.

But the biggest news is……yes folks it’s true. My new solo album comes out on October 20th…in just a few short months….I just hyperventilated. It’s been two years in the making and i am so proud of this music.
it is some of my best music and features great work by Bernie Locker, Greg Ellis, Dan Lutz, Quinn, Kim Carroll, Nathan Barr and me of course. The room buzzes as I work and I know this is something special. Something the world could use right now.

So I’ve decided to release it in a much bigger way than I have my past albums. I am humbly asking for help in doing this from my fans and community.
The cost is quite high to get the music out in the way that I want. A friend suggested I create a website on which people could donate to the project if they chose to.
So I’ve done that with the help of Anneli Molin Skelton and Outi Harma.
It’s called and I would be so grateful if you could spread the word. All the info is on the site. There are various gifts and rewards that I am excited and honored to offer.
And the best thing is that a percentage of all donations is given to the LA non-profit organization “Education Through Music” which brings music lessons to underprivileged children.

So that is all the news today. More coming. and thank you thank you for being a part of my life and listening to my music. What a joy it is to be me and create music for you, me and the world.

peace peace om shanti,


and remember….

Love is a song
that never ends
while life keeps on running running
and hope is a thing
with wings to tend
while love keeps on rising rising!