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August (almost September) news….

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Is it just me or is there some sort of personal apocalypse going on right now for all of us?
Almost everyone I know is knee deep in figuring it all out!….which is good I think because it’s time! The whole country needs to figure itself out! Hm. Actually the world. The good news is that it has resulted in tons and tons of music making!….which means late 2008 and all of 2009 will be seeing lots of Lisbeth Scott releases. I will soon make them directly available on my site which will make life easier for me, you and the general public.

I’ll be releasing a Christmas album through Kosmic Music in early November about which I’m very excited. Joan Baez once did a beautiful holiday album called Noel and it is stunning in its production and performance. I remember thinking if I ever did one, it would be inspired by her….and so it is.  The tunes are unusual  and  are performed and produced in a simple yet unique style. I can’t wait to share it with you.
I have also recently done some fun films and television projects….Tropic Thunder, yes that was me mocking myself! (Thank you Teddy!), a new film based on the hit show “24” coming out soon, with composer Sean Callery, some touching and powerful documentaries which I’ll  tell you about soon, and more. 

For the hot new HBO series True Blood, Nathan Barr, the composer, and I wrote a lovely tune in episode 6 which will be available through Kosmic Music…I’ve also done some singing on the beautiful score which you should definitely hear….it’s incredible.
And yes my Hunter project is coming out in 2009…..

There will also be another release through Kosmic Music in 2009  that is a bit unusual for me.  I’ve wanted to pull my favorite tunes from each of my albums and release them together for a while and Kosmic was into this idea (thank you Russell!)….so guess what? I’m doing it.
There will be about 3 new tunes on it as well so I’ll keep you guessing there for a while.

There are some performances coming up in the fall too,  with Kim Carroll playing the music from a project we’re writing, with Dwight Trible sharing an evening of our own works and yes several solo shows… stay tuned ….and keep figuring it all out! You’re not alone!!
Hmm, but then there are those who say we are all ultimately alone….but can’t we be alone together? Wait. That’s the name of album.

Love and peace to you,