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Hi All!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

I’ve got a new look (thank you Damjan and Raj) and a whole lot of news to go with it….

Happy Spring to everyone….it’s full of incredible projects for me… BioMusique, my collaboration with Greg Ellis, comes out in May . It’s on Kosmic Records and will be featured in Borders and Barnes & Noble

and on several NPR shows including Echoes among other things. We are so excited to share this creation…It’s absolutely gorgeous and like nothing you’ve heard…all percussion and voice. It is called “The 10,000 Steps” and hits store May 13th …so get ready!

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the dynamic EMI duo“Bliss” from Denmark. They were here in Hollywood for 5 fun filled days and we did lots of recording here at my studio for their new project which comes out in May as well. Their sound is the quintessential cool… ambient lounge….just perfect. We worked on 6 tunes, 4 co-written and sung…will keep you posted on exact dates and tracks!

Greg Ellis and I are both working with the earthy and rhythmic group Medicine Drum (Chris Decker) on their next project….in the meantime we’re doing a whole bunch of shows with them starting in May which

you can find on the shows page of this site…as well as some touring with Biomusique to Brazil and Spain and other points around the world!

Niffie has had a challenging month but I’m happy to say she’s happy and Healthy now, ready for the studio and the road! There will be lots of new photos in her gallery as well as some new video footage!! She’s such a star.

Many films as always..Prince Caspian is awesome!..and you’ll laugh pretty darn hard at Ben Stiller’s new film…especially the spots where I’m singing!

Go see Shutter, in theatres now and you’ll hear the song Nate Barr and I wrote for the film. It’s a little scary so hang on to your seats…the film not the song!

Lots of births for me and for all of us I think…green green green may this earth always be green…..

Thank you all as always for your ears and hearts and pointing them in my direction.

Love love love


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