Hi Everyone,

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

Have been buried in my beautiful light filled recording studio for what seems like months now, writing first the score for the beautiful Justine, by Stephanie Turner, and second for the film “Somebody’s Someone” The Regina Louise story which I am close to finishing today. It’s been wild ride and wonderful one too! Playing lots of guitar, and piano, crumpled up pieces of paper and sticks too. I guess anything can be an instrument if you look at it that way!!

love to everyone xo

Hey everyone,

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Very excited to share that my song “Just Like Rain” is in the upcoming Universal film “Boy Next Door” with Jennifer Lopez. Comes out next Friday January 23rd, same day as my song will be on itunes and more. It’s the first release off my new album “Bird” which is complete! yay! and comes out in March of this year…just a few short months away!
I’m sharing lots of fun videos about the song on my facebook page so come say hi!

Have had the honor of scoring a gorgeous new film by director/cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg called Oceans which features stunning footage from all over the world…
as well as scoring the Nigerian film “Dry” about the plight of women in Nigeria, timely and intense.
Also pretty excited that co-composer Nathan Barr and I were nominated for an Annie Award for best score for our work on Amazon’s children’s series “Tumbleaf” produced by Bix Pix!  They happen on the 31st of this month so stay tuned!

peace and love to you xo  Lisbeth

Hi all and happy mid- summer !

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Listening to the crickets in Topanga and experiencing stereo dogs at the moment.

So much is happening….I’m co-composing with Nathan Barr, the music to a wonderful new children’s series called Tumbleaf. Amazon’s producing it and the super talented Bix Pix is creating.  It comes out in February of 2014 and is absolutely adorable! The two musicals (one in particular!) are going strong…I’m learning patience and the ropes of Broadway…a very different landscape than Los Angeles!! I”m excited to be working with film scoring agent Patty Macmillan of Allegro Talent Group.  Had fun recently working with talented composers Kim Planert and Devin Powers on two upcoming projects….and yes I am getting there with my new solo release. All tracks will be done by the end of this year and the release will be next year….I LOVE THE NEW STUFF!!! so fun…a bit more folky and foot tappy. (is that a word?)

Also sooo excited to be working with the wonderful folks at BMG publishing…wow…things are looking quite grand….

much love to you all and may your horizons continue to expand as well….

xo Lisbeth

Long Road Down

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Hi everyone!

Happy Fall!

I’m excited to present my new video to the song Long Road Down co-written with John Debney for the powerful Hatfields and McCoys series on the History Channel.

All the characters are me!  Yes even the hot guys with the beard! Special thanks to brilliant director Greg Crosby, awesome choreographer Andy Vaca, wonderful hair and makeup person Desiree Falcon, and the delightful costumer Kimberly Hughes.

Just had the honor of working with director Sylvie Rokab on her beautiful film Love Thy Nature, due out next year.

I just scored the trailer which is chock full of stunning imagery from around the world. The film speaks of the need for man to work together with nature to heal the planet. Just beautiful!

A few months back I had the pleasure of working with Austin Wintory singing on the score and end title song for the new SONY video game Journey.

A groundbreaking creation, Journey takes the spiritual look at man’s journey through life. The art direction is stunning and of course the score is gorgeous. Both the score and end title song which I sang have been submitted by SONY for Grammy consideration. Yay Austin! Yay us!!

Also, Matthias Weber and I just released the score we co-composed for the film Shouting Secrets by director Korinna Sehringer. It is an Eno-esque sonic world with Native American influences and of course lots of dreamy vocals! Availalbe on itunes, cdbaby, amazon etc.Watch the film in 2013.

Peace and love!

Greetings from hot and sweaty California!

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

I have been writing  many hours  a day lately…the doggies keep me company as the sweat trickles down my brow! So many things of beauty and pain in the world right now.
Losing the brilliant Tony Scott made many of our hearts heavy. Still sending him light and cherishing the times we worked together…he next to me in ball cap and shorts on the piano bench swaying to a song I’d written or just catching sight of his sparkley eyes and smile when I stopped by Harry’s studio…Every single breath is a precious gem so lately i’m been stopping to look around and appreciate what’s right in front me…instead of going on the “But” and “What if” journey!!!
I am busy creating the music to the production of Pope Joan which will be presented by Michael Butler, the original producer of Hair, in 2013. We are all excited! …I am thrilled to be presenting the story of a woman so ahead of her time and so full of spirit  and light….I am learning and learning every day!
And soon we will begin production on musical #2 which at the moment remains nameless but which
I will gladly share with you soon!!
It all makes sense to me..bringing together my love of lyric writing and story and music writing of course…
and not to forget singing!

I am also hard at work on my next album which will be released by Valley Entertainment and distributed by Sony in early 2013… The song Long Road Down (which I wrote with John Debney for the series Hatfield’s and McCoys, is already out and we’re finishing the video in the next few weeks..i get to play lots of instruments  and wear lots of disguises..
That’s the only clue you get right now!
Nathan Barr and I wrote a song for the upcoming film The Big Wedding which comes out in October of this year. The incredible Mark Campbell sang it in the movie and I’ll be releasing a version of my own too…

Have been enjoying the Festival successes of two films I recently scored, Caroline & Jackie, and Shouting Secrets. (this with the great Matthias Weber!)
I’ll keep you posted on those.
Also was honored to work as a composer with the great nature cinematographer Louis Shwartzberg on his short film ORIGINS which is on youtube at the moment….check it out to give your mind and heart a break …

much love to you all and may you stay cool and happy…


Hello all and welcome to Mid October!!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Just back from the east coast….whale watching and gorgeous scenery!

IN the studio pretty much constantly now…Om Sweet Om comes out November 22nd.. so excited…this music was written for Jo Tastula’s upcoming yoga DVD  ”High Vibrations” which comes out later this year as well….stunning..she’s  a Goddess!!The music features guests Tina Guo, Suzanne Teng, Nathan Barr, Greg Ellis, and Dan Lutz Scoring a beautiful film with composer Matthias Weber right now called Shouting Secrets… a moving story of an American Indian family…Also scored the feature film Caroline and Jackie which comes out next year and another film I scored, urFRENZ, is now available on itunes to rent… it’s a beautifully told story of cyberbullying ….Singing with the Golden State Pops Orchestra on October 29th this month…see show page for details… and a few big surprises percolating!….so stay tuned… foggy and cool in Venice….a good day to write music!
love and peace,


Happy summer everyone!

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Just returned from the beach…sun low in the sky…gulls crying above…crisp wind….wow what a day.
Preparing to travel a bit this summer performing many film and television works, including John William’s Munich.
Kim Carroll and I have our new project just about set to fly. We release “Stories We Never Told” this September
and are excited to share this intimate and beautiful collection.
Thrilled and honored to be included on an album with Santana and Dave Grusin released by Varese Sarabande this summer!
Nathan Barr and I arranged a new version os Alex North’s Love theme from Spartacus…and it’s pretty magical!
So many films and now I’m scoring myself as well! I love it…and it feels like a natural progression….My first full feature, urFRENZ,
is a beautiful film written and directed by Jeff Phillips. Working on “The Damage Done” by talented writer/director Sam Balcomb.
I’m the luckiest girl on the planet……and yes yes yes John Luker and I are doing a project together. Thank you all who wrote and begged.
You can still hear our piece all over the networks. So happy it’s flying.

Joy, healing, light, and love to you,

Happy 2010!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

It feels great already. May good things come to us all this year.
hmmm……reflecting on 2009…..on New Year’s Eve we did a sweet meditation in which we covered past, present and future.
It felt right to say thank you to the good things of 2009 …… released two new CDs!, sang on Avatar, Trueblood, Transformers and started scoring my very first feature film, traveled to Europe, sang and sang  and sang, got to work with some incredible musicians, had beautiful times with friends, have the most wonderful doggy on the planet (NIFF!) and adopted the most wonderful kitty (EMILY!), got to walk to the beach whenever I could, so many blissful yoga and dance classes (thank you Daniel, Jo, Julian, Michael, Anneli…) several friends bringing new healthy babies into the world (Elik, Damjan!!), lovers finding each other….some after circling around each other for years

and yes there were hard things too….good friends challenged with illness, others finding it’s time to move on from a relationship, dreams just an inch away and then gone, there are still wars  and racism and discrimination against women and challenges to all of our perceptions of what the world should be…and still , it’s  all perfect.
We are here and we have ourselves and our lives and each other.

and as we keep breathing through it all, the most miraculous things happen….the future unfolds before our eyes!   2010 will bring many miracles I know it.

One of the most powerful films we saw this year was Invictus. Mandela.  What a human being!  Paraphrasing……I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

What I am is enough! Just being born is reason enough to have the support and love of the universe. Right now is perfect. ok. now that we’ve established this, I’ll look into what I’d like the future to hold, and maybe it’ll happen or maybe something better is the plan.

I’ve been saying these things and more  every day.

So….thank you for all your support and inspiration and being here so bravely to weather the storm and the beauty of these times.

much love and music,


hi all!

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

well the new CD, Hope Is a Thing…is out!!!  Buy it on itunes ! Tell your friends! Tell the world!!   Our release concert here in Santa Monica was so wonderful….thank you all who came out to make both nights so special. And thank you to the wonderful musicians, Quinn, Tina Guo, Ian Walker, Christopher Bruce.  More to come! On this CD, there are many tunes from films I’ve worked on  as well as many original tunes and also several collaborations. It’ll lift you, open your heart, take you on a journey and drop you off safe and sound. I promise!

Check out the video to Good To Me on directed by Henning Winkleman and stay tuned for a new video for the song “Hope Is A Thing” directed by Joe Greco and shot by Academy Award winner Haskell Wexler.

It’s been a busy time and a happy time. We are collecting more and more photos on the website……please send yours in!!! I want to have 1000 pictures of hope by the end of November….just take a photo of  yourself holding a handmade sign that says what you hope for and send it to and we’ll upload it for you!  We want them from all over the world!!

Had a blast performing in New York at Joe Pantoliano’s No Kidding Me Too premiere. There are some photos on the site I think! We’ll be back in New York soon!!

Next Friday the 20th, we have our Northern California CD release at Rudramandir in Berkeley so come on out if you’re there!!! We’d love to see you.

As always, thank you for listening and may life be a beautiful thing for you now.

it is an amazing time to be alive, to feel the world vibrating so quickly, learning , shedding the old, embracing the new,healing……on we go….

So peace peace to you all,


Hi everybody!

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Happy almost fall…..
Hope the summer has been good to you…..
lots of news. A bunch of us got together and made a video for the song Take Me Home that Nate Barr and I wrote for Trueblood. The song is going to be on the soundtrack that comes out
on September 8th! We recorded a new version of the song which features the wonderful drumming of Quinn and a few new instruments! Keep your eyes open for the video around September 1st.
It’ll be on my site and Nate’s site and youtube and more…

There is finally an official Youtube channel for Lisbeth Scott! Yay!! Thank you Shawn! If you go to you’ll see the newest videos and tv and film clips etc.
There’s a cool new performance of Hope Is A Thing that I performed at UCLA recently with Quinn on drums and Kim Carroll on Ron roco.

I’m releasing my Christmas album on November 2nd as an enhanced CD with a beautiful video to the song Dona Nobis that Director Sam Balcomb shot.

But the biggest news is……yes folks it’s true. My new solo album comes out on October 20th…in just a few short months….I just hyperventilated. It’s been two years in the making and i am so proud of this music.
it is some of my best music and features great work by Bernie Locker, Greg Ellis, Dan Lutz, Quinn, Kim Carroll, Nathan Barr and me of course. The room buzzes as I work and I know this is something special. Something the world could use right now.

So I’ve decided to release it in a much bigger way than I have my past albums. I am humbly asking for help in doing this from my fans and community.
The cost is quite high to get the music out in the way that I want. A friend suggested I create a website on which people could donate to the project if they chose to.
So I’ve done that with the help of Anneli Molin Skelton and Outi Harma.
It’s called and I would be so grateful if you could spread the word. All the info is on the site. There are various gifts and rewards that I am excited and honored to offer.
And the best thing is that a percentage of all donations is given to the LA non-profit organization “Education Through Music” which brings music lessons to underprivileged children.

So that is all the news today. More coming. and thank you thank you for being a part of my life and listening to my music. What a joy it is to be me and create music for you, me and the world.

peace peace om shanti,


and remember….

Love is a song
that never ends
while life keeps on running running
and hope is a thing
with wings to tend
while love keeps on rising rising!