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Download the full version of the song "Where" (written by Lisbeth Scott and Harry Gregson-Williams) from the Narnia soundtrack now! Just click here!


Bird CD Cover

Lisbeth's most recent CD Bird, just released in March of 2015, is a gorgeous collection of pop tunes that will take you on a journey to joy!

Produced by Scott, who is joined by stellar musicians Abra Moore, Nathan Barr, Quinn, Butch Norton,Dan Lutz, Greg Leisz, Tina Guo, Phil Parlapiano, John Huldt, and Matthias Weber, Bird mines the depths of musical emotion , digging deep into the sonic landscape of love, forgiveness, and toe tapping fun....

Featuring a tapestry of vocals, piano, ukulele, guitar, mandolin, percussion, organ and a stunning string arrangement by Joel Douek. Mixed by Dan Lerner and Adam Moseley.


Spartacus CD Cover

Nathan Barr and Lisbeth Scott arranged and performed this beautiful version of The Love Theme from Spartacus on Varese Sarabande's boxed set of all things Spartacus.
Also on this disc, Dave Grusin, Mark Isham, Santana, John Debney and many more. it's a beautiful collection. Robert Townsen honors the 100th birthday of Alex North and the 50th year Anniversary of the release of the film Spartacus with this incredible collection.

Love Theme

Peace On Earth

Lisbeth's first ever holiday recording is a gorgeous mix of new versions of old classics and several original tunes. Cellist Steve Erdody and bass player Dan Lutz grace the recording on two tunes. Scott's arrangements and performance are shiver inducing , traveling straight to the heart of the spirit of the holiday season.

What Child Is This

Hope Is A Thing

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Scott's newest solo project is her most beautiful and moving yet! featuring 13 new original tunes and two spine tingling covers of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and John Lennon's "Imagine". Several of Lisbeth's sound track songs also appear on the CD...Good To Me (Shutter), Take Me Home (True Blood) Real Love (Domino)....Don't miss this gorgeous collection!

If You Only Knew


Lisbeth's vocals, breathtakingly lush and transcendant, against cool instrumental beds of guitars, piano, strings, percussion. Journey through the beauty of your soul with these two new songs from the feature film CANVAS (Joe Greco).

Too Deep


“biomusique” is what acclaimed singer/songwriter Lisbeth Scott and eclectic percussionist Greg Ellis call their collaboration, a project that brought the two noted Los Angeles musicians together in a creative process that spanned three months of intensive recording – and birthed a work of sweeping, almost cinematic beauty that they’ve entitled The 10,000 Steps, set for a May 13,2008 release on the Kosmic Music label.

The songs on The 10,000 Steps range from poignantly moving to serene and radiant, weaving a richly textural tapestry of emotion and sound – a “sonic sculpture,” as Ellis describes it.

Ellis’ carefully-crafted arrangements sensitively frame the nuances of Lisbeth Scott ‘s masterfully precise performances, with his textural instrumentation enhancing some tracks with understated grandeur – and in others enhancing her evocative lyrics with the intricacy of fine filigree . Lisbeth Scott also contributes piano and harmonium.


Take Me Home Remix

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Get the stunning 40 voice (all lisbeth!) remix of the song Take Me Home, featured on Trueblood.

It'll take your breath away!

Take Me Home

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Get the new single Take Me Home by Lisbeth Scott and Nathan Barr from HBO's hit series TRUE BLOOD


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The Soundtrack to the New Regency film Shutter features the catchy tune "Good To Me" written by Lisbeth Scott and Nathan Barr and performed by Scott.

Click here to buy the song or the whole evocative score by Nathan Barr.

Good To Me


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“Dove is a hit…!” The Village Voice
Dove is a stunningly intense and lyrical collection of songs. Released in 2002, it was mixed at Abbey Road Studios in London by head engineer Peter Cobbin and features members of The Seattle Symphony. This collection of songs is a fantastic journey through the mysteries of love.
Lisbeth is featured on vocals, piano and guitar. She is joined by an array of talented musicians that make this recording sparkle. The sound is like nothing you've heard, so come along for the ride. It just might change your life.....and if it doesn't do that it'll definitely make you feel a little happier than you did before you heard it!!!!!!!!!!! Available for purchase on this site.
Forever Return

Passionate Voice

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Lisbeth's newest CD, "Passionate Voice” is set for release on January 25th, 2005. “Passionate Voice” is all about spirit and will soothe and uplift every cell of your being. Produced by Lisbeth and the talented Nathan Barr (cellos, guitars, bol bol, ocarina), the music on this recording is a tapestry of textures and sounds. Greg Ellis (percussion), Chris Bleth (duduk), Bernie Locker(guitars) and Dan Lutz (Bass) graced the music with their presence and help make this CD "...nothing short of a holy experience"
- New Age Retailer

Passionate Voice
All Of These Years

Rough and Steep

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Lisbeth's most poignant work to date, this CD features the stark beauty of Scott's piano playing and voice. The recording is a collection of both traditional and original non-denominational spiritual works that will take your breath away. Special guests Tina Malia and Nathan Barr appear on one track.

I Fall
Swing Low

Fair Skye

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"Fair Skye" - Music for Meditation and Healing. Zone Records is proud to announce the release of this wonderful new CD featuring music for healing, meditation, and yoga. Produced, composed and performed by Lisbeth, this CD is a bit of a departure from her previous release "Dove". Turning to her Armenian roots, much of the text on "Fair Skye" is written and sung in Armenian, a lush and passionate language that lends itself to the spiritual nature of this release. Using the rich cello stylings of Nathan Barr, the intuitive and emotional fiddle playing of Gabe Witcher, and the lyrically organic flute work of Darryn Songbird, Lisbeth builds a beautiful tapestry of sound which echoes ancient lands, the foundation of which is her own work on piano, guitar, harmonium and voice. The perfect antidote for stress in today's world!!

Available on CD Baby and


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"....stunning vocalist and writer...not be missed"
New York Times
With her CD "CLIMB" Lisbeth created a world of soul-piercing beauty. Completed at the tail end of 1997, "CLIMB" features 13 burning tunes, 7 of which Lisbeth produced herself. Lee Curerri and Jeff Rona both contributed their producing talents to the CD. "CLIMB" has received alternative radio play across the US and as with all her work, nearly all the tunes on “CLIMB” have been featured in film and/or television.
Be sure to catch "Out Here", "Lay You Down", and the title cut "Climb".
"CLIMB" features the great playing of musicians like L. Shankar (voice and double necked violin), Martin Tillman (cello), Ethan James (hurdy gurdy), MB Gordy (percussion) and many others.
Available for purchase on this site.

Lay You Down


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SIRENS is Lisbeth's first solo pop CD. Released in 1994, feature cuts on this CD include "I Cry", "Angels", and "I Fall”. A stunning debut, Sirens represents the beginning of Lisbeth’s true voice, both as a writer and as a vocalist.

Available for purchase on this site.

Healing Light

Healing Light is an amazing journey for anyone seeking to heal a physical disease or simply to come into a more balanced state. The combination of spoken guided imagery by Dr. Jan Berlin and magical music by Lisbeth Scott is a perfect one. "Healing Light should be available as a tool for healing in every hospital, physician's and health practitioner's office across the country!"

- Dr. Katherine M. Konzen, President, Healing Place International


Gateway To The Heart

Meditation by Jan Berlin

Music by Lisbeth Scott

A beautiful meditation to the deepest place inside. For calm, for clarity, for peace.

The Passion of the Christ

The soundtrack to "The Passion of the Christ" is a gorgeous collection of music by John Debney from the film. This CD is not available on this site, but is available on and wherever CDs are sold. I was co-lyricist on the project and many of you have asked about the lyrics. I'm including here a sample of some of the lyrics I wrote from the film.
Most of them were translated into Aramaic by Father Bill Fulco at Loyola Marymount, but several (including Mary’s Lullaby and Jesus is Carried Down) were translated by Father Michael Bazzi from St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral in El Cajon, California. Thank you Father Bill and Father Michael! Most of the lyrics are in ancient Aramaic, however several, including the lullably and parts of “Jesus Is Carried Down” are in modern Aramaic.

Heart of Innocence

This beautiful compilation was put together by Lloyd Bard at Backroads Music and features a collection of the most mesmerizing female voices in the world. It is a stunning recording that will calm and uplift every heart. The featured artists include Lisbeth Scott, Tina Malia, Donna DeLory, Suzanne Sterling, Bliss, Happy Rhodes and Pollyanna Bush.
Available at Backroads Music.

Yoga Sanctuary

*Voted Best in LA by LA Magazine!
Yoga Sanctuary is a wonderful collaboration between yoga teacher Shiva Rea and Lisbeth Scott. It is a 2 cd set, the first "solar" (a more vigorous workout), and the second "lunar" (a more calming, stretch oriented workout.). Shiva talks the listener through a carefully designed series of yoga exercises.Included is a 12 page booklet with photographs of the poses for additional clarity. This disc is best for those with some experience with yoga.

All the music accompanying the narration is composed and performed by Lisbeth. Cellist Martin Tillman adds his mesmerizing sound to the music, as well as Native American Flute player Joe Redcloud.The result is a magical and unearthly combination of voice, piano, guitar, cello, and flute. You will definately be transported to another planet!!!!!! Available wherever Yoga and meditation CDs are sold. Sorry, not available for purchase on this site.


State of Grace

Lisbeth Scott is "...a passionate vocalist... with incredible emotional depth."

On October 10th,2000,Windham Hill/RCA released "State of Grace" created and produced by Paul Schwartz featuring Lisbeth Scott on vocals. It's an instant taste of heaven! Available at stores everywhere and on the web at, Barnes& and wherever CDs are sold. Sorry not available on this site.


Hope Is A Thing, Peace On Earth, Biomusique, Dove, Passionate Voice, Climb, Sirens, Illuminations, Yoga Sanctuary (available from Sounds True), Bliss: They Made History, INXS:Afterglow, Music From A Farther Room : Lucia Micarelli, State of Grace, State of Grace II, State of Grace III by Paul Schwartz on Windham Hill, Earthbound by Paul Schwartz on Windham Hill, So Many Worlds by Rambient on immergent records, Blue Sun by Mark Isham

The following film sound tracks (score) feature Lisbeth's voice and/or songs: AVATAR, Trueblood, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, Munich, Lahore, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Gone Baby Gone, Deja Vu, Canvas, Domino, Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek 3,The Passion of The Christ, Shutter, Kingdom of Heaven, Spy Game, , Sinbad, The Scorpion King, Dinosaur, The Perfect Murder, Forces of Nature, Three Kings, Survivor.