film work

Lisbeth with Spielberg and Williams

FILMS (as composer)

JustineDirector: Stephanie Turner
Somebody’s SomeoneDirector: Janice Cooke
The Fallen Tree Director: Drew Hodges
Lady Ganga Director: Frederic Lumiere
Dry Director: Stephanie Okereke Linus
The Damage Done Director: Sam Balcomb
Caroline & Jackie Director: Adam Christian Clarke
urFrenz Director: Jeff Phillips
Shouting Secrets (co-composer) Director: Korinna Sehringer
Origins Director: Louie Schwartzberg
Ithuteng Director: Willie Ebersol
The Big Wedding (Main Title Song) Director: Justin Zakham
The Chronicles of Narnia (Main Title Song) Director: Andrew Adamson
Tuxedo Director: Danny Kaufman


True Blood: The Musical (currently co-composing w/Nathan Barr)


Tumble Leaf (*Score nominated for Annie Award)Director: Drew Hodges
(Seasons 1 thru 5) Amazon Studios
Moving Art: Oceans Director: Louie Schwartzberg
Hatfields & McCoys (featured song) History Channel


Concussion Boy Next Door
The Amazing Spider-Man The Son
TRON: Uprising Gone Baby Gone
Your Highness The Sopranos
Iron Man 2 The Chronicles of Narnia
True Blood Shutter
Lahore Shrek 1,2,3
The Wildest Dream Deja Vu
Passion Finding Home
The Americans Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Agent Cody Banks

Vocal Performances for Film (Partial)

Kingdom of Heaven
The Passion of the Christ

Songs Licensed or Written for Film and Television

Take Me Home - Trueblood -HBO- Nathan Barr/Lisbeth Scott
“Krov” -IronMan 2 1m1- Paramount - John Debney/Lisbeth Scott
“Umree” - IronMan2 3m13 -Paramount - John Debney/Lisbeth Scott
“Nikagda” -IronMan2 7m50 -Paramount - John Debney/Lisbeth Scott
“Zabudu” - IronMan2 6m42 - Paramount - John Debney/Lisbeth Scott
One Breath - Narnia;The Lion ,Witch, Wardrobe - Disney -HG Williams/Lisbeth Scott
Where - Narnia;The Lion,Witch,Wardrobe - Disney- Soundtrack-HGW/LisbethScott
Stepping Into Narnia - Narnia,Prince Caspian - Disney - HGWilliams/Lisbeth Scott
Lay You Down (aka Hold You Tight) Brothers and Sisters -ABC - Lisbeth Scott
Good To Me - Shutter - 20th Century Fox - Lisbeth Scott/Nathan Barr
Edge of Heaven - The Wildest Dream - BBC - Lisbeth Scott/Joel Douek
Farci Prayer - The Unit -CBS- Lisbeth Scott/Robert Duncan
I Fall - The Sopranos -HBO - Lisbeth Scott
King - Kingdom of Heaven - 20th Century Fox -Lisbeth Scott/Harry Gregson Williams
Real Love - Domino -New Line Cinema - Lisbeth Scott (performed by Macy Grey)
In The Darkness - Gone Baby Gone -Disney - Lisbeth Scott/Harry Gregson Williams
Too Deep - Canvas-LMG PIctures - Lisbeth Scott
Rise - Canvas - LMG Pictures - Lisbeth Scott
Sirens - Sinbad - Disney -Lisbeth Scott/Harry Gregson Williams
Lay You Down - Joan of Arc Promo-CBS -Lisbeth Scott
Lay You Down - Touched By An Angel -CBS - Lisbeth Scott
Crucial - @urFRENZ-Lisbeth Scott
Another Day -@urFRENZ-Lisbeth Scott
What if You Prayed For Rain- @urFRENZ-LIsbeth Scott
Tangled-@urFRENZ-Lisbeth Scott
Hope Is A Thing - No Kidding Me Too -PBS- Lisbeth Scott
Be Still My Soul - Alias-Touchstone Television-Paul Schwartz/Lisbeth Scott/Traditional
Mary Goes To Jesus- The Passion of the Christ - John Debney/Lisbeth Scott
Bearing The Cross - The Passion of the Christ - John Debney/Lisbeth Scott
Resurrection - The Passion of the Christ - John Debney/Lisbeth Scott
Crucifixtion - The Passion of the Christ - John Debney/Lisbeth Scott
It Is Done - The Passion of the Christ - John Debney/Lisbeth Scott
Raising The Cross - The Passion of the Christ - John Debney/Lisbeth Scott
Hair Cut - Ithuteng - HBO - Lisbeth Scott
Straight Into The Heart-Boston Public-20th Century Fox -Lisbeth Scott/B Locker
You - Boston Public - 20th Century Fox -Lisbeth Scott/Bernhard Locker
Out Here - Blast From The Past -New Line Cinema - Lisbeth Scott
Blessed are Those - Third Watch -NBC- Lisbeth Scott/Martin Davich
Blue To Black - Felicity - Touchstone Television - Scott/Curreri/Collatrella
Burn - Gun -ABC - Lisbeth Scott
I Cry - Bittersweet- Lisbeth Scott
I Cry - Prague Duet - BIF Ltd.Lisbeth Scott
In The Fog - Captain Abu Raed - Paper and Pen Films-Lisbeth Scott/Austin Wintory
Climb -Do Me a Favor -Lisbeth Scott
All I Know - Starcrossed- LIsbeth Scott/Timothy Williams
Dove - Restless - Lisbeth Scott
Love Is All - Restless - Lisbeth Scott
Train - Restless - Lisbeth Scott
Learning How To Be - Flipper -Samuel Goldwyn Company- Lisbeth Scott
Another Hand To Hold-Kate Brasher - 20th Century Fox TV-Lisbeth Scott/Nathan Barr
Blue To Black - Party of Five -Columbia Pictures Television- Scott/Curreri/Collatrella
Second Chance - Murder She Wrote -Universal Studios- Lisbeth Scott/Stanley Clarke
Dove - What If God Were The Sun - 20th Century Fox - Lisbeth Scott
Shovel - Road Rules - MTV - Lisbeth Scott
Waiting - Road Rules - MTV - Lisbeth Scott
I Fall - Get Real - 20th Century Fox - Lisbeth Scott
I Cry - Get Real - 20th Century Fox - Lisbeth Scott

Partial film list

The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian – 2008
The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
Indiana Jones – 2008
Tropical Thunder – 2008
Gone Baby Gone
Déjà vu
The Passion of the Christ
Shrek 2
Kingdom of Heaven
Captain Abu Raed
Order of Redemption
The Scorpion King
Spy Game
Perfect Murder
Forces of Nature
King Kong
Bruce Almighty
Agent Cody Banks
The Sixth Sense
Sleepy Hollow
White River Kid
The Passage
The Colony
Club Dread
Blast From the Past
Christmas with the Kranks
Touched by an Angel
Boston Public

Deja VuGone Baby Gone